Shalkot – the old name of Quetta City. Quetta is the capital of Balochistan. Quetta is the largest city in the Province. A high-altitude major city in Pakistan is Quetta which is (5,510 feet) above sea level. Quetta is also recognized as the “Fruit Garden of Pakistan,”. It is the hub of fresh as well as dried fruits. Other than fruits it is also a big shopping center. One can find the important first-class and 2nd things in Quetta. It is located near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border in northern Balochistan. Quetta is also the trade hub between the two countries. Bolan Pass a gateway from Central Asia to South Asia is also located near the city. Quetta is among the major cities of Pakistan. 

Why Quetta is called shalkot?

Places to Visit in Quetta.

  • Urak Valley
  • Hanna Lake
  • Ziarat Valley
  • Pishin Valley
  • Hazar Ganji National Park
  • Bolan
  • Peer Ghaib
  • Garam Aaaff
  • Wali Tangi
  • Shaban
  • Spin Karaeez


Parks in Quetta.

  • Askari Park
  • Liaquat Park
  • Benazir Park
  • Hazarganji Park
  • Ziarat Park


Foods and Taste of Quetta.

  • Balochi Sajji
  • Khadi Kabab
  • Mutton Roast
  • Beef Roast
  • Champ and Joint Mix
  • Balochi Platter
  • Landhi – Dried Meat
  • Ghora Marre – Shobaat – Churi
  • Aasssh


3 Star Hotels in Quetta.

  • Sareena Hotel Quetta


Hotels in Quetta.

  • Zulfiqar Hotel.
  • Islamabad Hotel
  • Hotel Qasar e Gul
  • Madina Hotel


Best Food Street and Restaurants In Quetta. 

  • Mehfil Hotel
  • Mehfil Chae khana
  • Green Hotel
  • Mubarak Hotel
  • Bismillah Hotel
  • Naimatkada


Famous Products of Quetta.

  • Handmade Shoes
  • Kheri Chappal
  • Norozi Chappal
  • Balochi Chappal
  • Balochi Embroidery Dress
  • Balochi Men’s Dress
  • Dry Fruits
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Handmade Carpets
  • Shawals


Shopping Malls In Quetta. 

  • Millennium Mall
  • Dawood Shopping Center
  • City Center
  • Qaseem Naseem Center
  • Nimra Zari
  • Quetta Askari Mall – under construction
  • Balochistan Askari Mall – under construction
  • Gold city shopping mall


Housing Societies in Quetta.

  • DHA Quetta
  • Satellite Town Quetta
  • Shahbaz Town Quetta
  • Samguli Town Quetta
  • Wahadat Colony Quetta
  • Gulistan Town Quetta
  • Hazara Housing Society
  • Chiltan Housing Society Quetta
  • Chamman Housing
  • Railway Housing
  • Hazara Town
  • A1 City
  • Survey 144
  • GOR I
  • GOR II

Ground and Stadium In Quetta/Shalkot.

  • Nawab Akbar Khan Bughti Stadium.
  • Qayyum Papa Football Stadium.
  • Shahid Safdar Hockey Stadium.
  • General Moosa Cricket Stadium.
  • Polo Ground


Clubs and Gaming Zones in Shalkot

  • Quetta Club
  • Officers Club Quetta
  • King Star Snooker Club
  • Changez Snooker Club
  • 147 Snooker Club

Universities and Education Institutions in Quetta.


Transports Services In Quetta.

This website is also associated with the name Quetta. Shalkot is a peaceful word. See more details in the about us section.

What is Quetta famous for?

Quetta, which produces plums, peaches, pomegranates, apricots, apples, melons, cherries, pistachios, and almonds, is referred to as the fruit basket of Pakistan. On elevations that are roughly 5000 feet high, saffron grows exceptionally well and is commercially grown. Around Quetta, tulips of the red and yellow variety are found in abundance.

Quetta meaning?

The word Kwatk, or kta, which means “fortress” in Pashto is a variant of the name Quetta.

The population of Quetta.

In 2022, Quetta’s metro region will have 1,160,000 residents, a 2.75% increase over 2021. 1,129,000 people called Quetta’s metro region home in 2021, a 2.64% rise over 2020.

The old name of Quetta.

Shalkot is the old name of Quetta.

Shalkot is situated in which mountain?

Shalkot is surrounded by Chiltan, Takatu, Zarghoon, and Koh e Murdaar.

how far is quetta from karachi is quetta in balochistan

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Quetta famous food

Quetta is famous for the variety of its food items. Ranges from Roast, Sajji, Bar b Q, Khadi Kabab, Kabi Phullao, Biryani, etc.

Quetta famous places

  • Urak Valley
  • Hanna Lake
  • Ziarat Valley
  • Pishin Valley
  • Hazar Ganji National Park
  • Bolan
  • Peer Ghaib
  • Garam Aaaff
  • Wali Tangi
  • Shaban
  • Spin Karaeez

Things to buy from Quetta

Dry Fruits, Traditional Balochi Dresses, Footwears, Kheri Chappal, Balochi Chappal, Norozi Chappal, Jackets, Waist Coats, Jewellery, etc.

Things to do in Quetta.

Visit the nearest places and taste and enjoy the food while on a tour of Quetta. Must not forget to go to Ziarat Valley.

Quetta history

Quetta is considered one of the ancient cities of the region.

Quetta famous places in Urdu

Quetta famous food places

There are many hotels and restaurants in Quetta.

Quetta weather

 Floods in Balochistan 2022

How far is Quetta from Karachi?

The distance between Quetta and Karachi is  692.5 km which takes almost 9 hr 32 min, via Regional Cooperation for Development Highway.

The distance from Karachi to Quetta by road is almost 693 km,  Karachi to Quetta distance by air time is almost 1 hr and 3o min.  Karachi to Quetta distance by bus and distance between Karachi to Quetta by train varies.

Click here for Karachi to Quetta distance google Maps.

Karachi to Quetta train fare ranges from Rs. 1,000/- to 2,000/-.

Which train goes from Rawalpindi to Quetta?

Click the Video to watch Quetta Bazar Quetta and Traditional Articles.

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