About Us

Shalkot is a new online marketplace in Pakistan that connects tens of thousands of businesses with millions of potential buyers. Shalkot offers rapid and easy access to a wide range of products in more than 30 categories and expects to deliver over 1,500 parcels every month initially to various locations across the country.
For its clients, Shalkot is a community, a marketplace, and a digital mall. It will also serve as a moderator and mentor for entrepreneurs and intends to train over 50 new sellers on e-commerce operations every month.
Shalkot has created waste and a smooth delivery channel with collaborations with already working courier companies in Pakistan.
International deliveries are also in pipeline.

About Shalkot

Shalkot is a newly launched platform, which is striving to provide information and entertainment. Besides this, we have a team of professionals who can design your website and they are also efficient in SEO and google ranking.

Shalkot is also a learning platform for entrepreneurs. We provide free education, and anyone with a smartphone may start a business. Shalkot has planned to train 2000 vendors in the eCommerce business in the first phase of business. Every month, we will teach around 50 new merchants and equip our existing vendors with advanced online and offline training classes.


ShalKot is an emerging online marketplace in Pakistan. Intends to empower thousands of retailers and entrepreneurs to connect with millions of customers and buyers. Millions of products have got ease of access to the digital world. Striving to provide a smooth delivery root map to millions of products.


Shalkot is an institute, a market place and an earning platform for its stakeholders. It is trying to make it a university for entrepreneurs, and small retailers. It will educate about  50 new sellers on social media and e-commerce business.

Shalkot has paved the path for logistics challenges. Shalkot has partnered with the best courier service in Pakistan including Pakistan Post, TCS, LCS, MNP, TRAX, and Rider. For e-commerce operations, Shalkot intends to build its own logistics company.



We strongly believe in teamwork. According to our opinion, the team can achieve what individuals can never. We promote teamwork in our organizational culture.



Shalkot is a marketplace, where buyers and sellers interact with each to process a deal.  The retailers can find a big range of customers across the country. Customers can also find versatile and the best products from wearables to eatables.

Selling different physical and digital products online.

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