Dry fruit Market in Quetta

Dry Fruit Market in Quetta

The dry fruit market in Quetta is one of the largest markets in Pakistan. All types of dry fruits either imported or locally produced are available in this market. Dry Fruit in Quetta are fresh, tasty, and of the highest quality, and are available for delivery throughout Pakistan in cash on delivery.

Quetta Wholesale Dry Fruit Market

Quetta Dry Fruit Shops

There is a number of dry fruit wholesale dealers in Quetta. To find the best dry fruit shop in Quetta, Quetta dry fruit rates, no need to wonder here and there, simply go to Meezan Chowk, here is your destination. You will have multiple shops around there on different roads and streets. Quetta dry fruit online now, you can also buy dry fruits online.

  • Balochistan Dry Fruit Suppliers, Wholesalers & Exporters Quetta is one of the oldest and quality suppliers of dry fruits all over Pakistan. All kinds of dry fruits are available at wholesale and retail rates.

  • Chaman Dry Fruits Fruits’ goal was to provide customers with high-quality premium products. Our policy of adhering to international sorting, grading, and sizing standards has led to our remarkable success in the domestic market in just a few years. Buy directly from their website.

  • Quetta Dry Fruits is a Quetta-based dry fruit store that is a project of Mehtab Enterprises, which has been in the dry fruit wholesale business for over two decades. In the year 2000, Quetta Dry Fruits began as diversified organic nuts and dried fruit business. With nearly two decades of experience, Quetta Dry Fruits is a market leader in the fields of nuts and dried fruits, confectionery, and food ingredient products. since its inception.


  • Al Naseeb Dry Fruits and Shopping center In 1993, Al-Naseeb was just a minor “Bandstand.” In 1996, a “Shop” was created to meet the needs of its customers. Haji Abdul Ghafoor’s (late) son’s efforts culminated in a “Shopping mall” in 2010. Click here for online shop

  • Haji Noor Muhammad & son’s Dry Fruit Marchant ‘Shop Dry Fruit’ are delicious and high-quality dried fruits that are delivered to almost every country in the world; we are based in Balochistan and sell fresh fruits. To place an order with ShopDryFruit, simply choose a product and proceed to the checkout. Once that is completed. Credit cards or cash on delivery are accepted.

Quetta Dry Fruit Prices

  • Dry Fruit prices in Quetta Pakistan are simple to order, best in price, and delicious for the home, office, or as a gift for a loved one. We have the best selection of Dry Fruits on the market.
  • In Quetta, there are the most affordable price and high-quality dried fruits available in Pakistan.

Quetta dry fruit online

Quetta Dry Fruits is one of the best online stores in Pakistan for purchasing dry fruits. We are currently only working in Pakistan. Our main goal is to deliver fresh and tasty dry fruits right to the client’s door. Our store carries the most recent seasoned, premium quality dry fruits. Based in Quetta, Pakistan, we are well-known and top sellers of dry fruits.

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