Famous Food in Quetta

Famous food in Quetta

The food of Quetta is famous not only because of its taste but also for its quality and variety. The rates are also economical. You cannot enjoy such kind of rates for such a quality of food all over Pakistan.

Quetta Traditional Food

  • Sajji
Sajji is another unique. Quetta dish that is now spreading to other cities in Pakistan. The main ingredient in preparing sajji is salt or other necessary ingredients. There are no spices required for the chicken or mutton. Quetta restaurant names are given below where you can enjoy the sajji.
The low-flame cooking and fewer ingredients are what distinguish this dish. A tasty Sajji may take an entire day to prepare.
  • Khaddi Kabab
Khaddi kabab is one of the most well-known and popular dishes in Pakistan. To make this dish, cut the belly side of the goat, stuff it with rice, stitch it up, and marinate the entire goat or lamb in masala before covering it with aluminium foil.
Dig a hole in the surface, place the goat/lamb inside, cover it with anything from the top, and then place the burning coal inside. Khadi kabab preparation can take up to a half day. As a result, the flavour of this dish has become more distinct and delicious.
  • Dampukht
The word is derived from two meanings: Dam means to breathe in and Pukht means to cook. This dish is prepared in a rounded heavy pot with ingredients such as mutton, potatoes, chilli, garlic, ginger, and all the associated herbs.
Cooking the dish may take 4 to 5 hours depending on the cook, but it must be done on a low flame. This is the main ingredient that distinguishes and enhances the flavour of this dish.
  • Roast
Roast is one of the best gravy foods in Quetta, and it is also cooked over a low flame with light ingredients, making it very unique and tasty.

Famous Restaurants in Quetta

Following are the top restaurants in Quetta. Quetta’s famous food places include:

  •  Lehri Sajji House Quetta

 Lehri Sajji House Quetta is famous for its mutton and chicken Sajji. They prepare sajji in the traditional khadda method. They cook on a regular flame to keep the meat juicy and flavorful. You must try their mutton sajji or Khada Dumba.
  • Usmania Restaurant Quetta 

Usmania Restaurant is the only restaurant that offers the highest quality food at reasonable prices to its valued customers. Usmania Restaurant adheres to the highest standards and specifications, not only for product ingredients but also for every detail of production.
  • Gulshan Karahi Quetta

Gulshan karahi is a well-known desi restaurant in the main city. It is similar to a ‘dhaba’ in the local language. One of its most popular dishes is mutton karahi.
  • Shah Wali Restaurant Quetta

 Shah wali is an open-air restaurant with traditional carpet floor seating. The food will be ready in 15-20 minutes. Fresh lassi, delicious mutton barbecue (without too much tinder and spice), perfectly cooked Rosh, Kabli Plaao, naan, and green tea. Staff that is cooperative in an overcrowded but conducive environment.
  • Naimatkada

  • Mehfil

  • Black Diamond

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