Which thing is famous in Quetta?

Which thing is famous in Quetta?

Quetta is famous for several things. Here are some of the most famous things in Quetta:

  1. Beautiful natural scenery, including Hanna Lake and surrounding mountains.
  2. Rich culture and history, including the Quaid-e-Azam Residency and the Ziarat Residency.
  3. Delicious local cuisine, including the famous Sajji, is a dish made with lamb or chicken marinated in spices and roasted over coals.
  4. Colorful bazaars and markets, including the Liaquat Bazaar, Kandahari Bazaar, and Pishin Bazaar.
  5. Beautiful parks and gardens, including the Ayub National Park and Baleli Hill Park.
  6. Unique underground irrigation systems, including the Spin Karez and Karez System.
  7. Adventure activities, including trekking and hiking in the surrounding mountains.
  8. Shopping for handicrafts, including Balochi embroidery and rug weaving.
  9. Historical landmarks, include the Sibi Fort and Khuzdar, Fort.
  10. Cultural events, including the annual Quetta Literary Festival and Balochistan Cultural Festival.


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