Why Quetta city is famous
Why Quetta city is famous

 Why Quetta city is famous?

Quetta city is famous for many reasons such as :

The city’s name is derived from the four imposing hills that surround it and form a natural bulwark (Chiltan, Takatu, Zarghoon, and Meh Daar).
Quetta is Known as the Fruit Garden of Pakistan. The Archaeological Museum in Quetta houses a collection of rare antique firearms, swords, coins, and manuscripts. The Geological Museum houses a collection of Balochistan-found rocks and fossils.

Traditional Pashtun dishes such as Kadi kebab, Lamb Roash, Balochi Saji, and other traditional dishes are available throughout the city.
The Pashtun tribal cuisine “Roash,” which non-locals refer to as “Namkin,” is served in both city restaurants and outlying areas. Some of the best mutton in the country are raised in the area around Quetta, and it is a staple of local cuisine.
“Landhi,” a Pashtun tribal dish, is made from a whole lamb that is dried and kept fresh during the cold winters. “Khadi Kebab” is a lamb barbecue, and “Sajji” (leg of lamb) and “Pulao” are two other popular local dishes.

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The Shahrah-e-Liaquat (Liaquat Bazaar and Suraj Gang Bazaar), Shahrah-e-Iqbal (Kandahari Bazaar), and Jinnah Road are Quetta’s bazaars. Colorful handicrafts, particularly Balochi mirror work and Pashtun embroidery, are sold. Afghan rugs, fur coats, embroidered jackets, waistcoats, sandals, and other Pashtun items are also available.

Quetta city is also famous for its nomadic tribes of the region create Pashtun rugs and Balochi carpets. They are not as fine or as expensive as Persian products or Turkoman tribal rugs from further north, but they are more authentic than the Turkoman and Persian designs often found in Pakistan’s major cities.

The Quetta region is home to mammals such as Markhor (wild sheep). Partridge, warblers, shikra, blue rock pigeon, rock nuthatch, golden eagle, sparrows, hawks, falcons, and bearded vultures are among the local bird species.

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