Quetta is situated in which mountain?

Quetta is the capital city of Balochistan. The area of Quetta city is 2,653 km2, and it is fortified by four mountains that act as a natural fort. Quetta is one of the most beautiful cities in Pakistan surrounded by greyish-colored mountains. The city is located between the sub-mountain ranges of  Takatu and Koh e Mehr Dar.  Besides these two major mountain ranges, there are a few others smaller sub-ranges.



Quetta is situated in which mountain


Koh-i-Takatu is a mountain summit in Pakistan’s Balochistan Province’s Quetta District, which is part of the Sulaiman Mountains range. Loai Saar, also known as Lwarrh Saar, is the highest peak in this mountain range and is also the second-highest peak in Quetta District and the third-highest peak in Balochistan. Its elevation is 3,472 meters (11,391 feet).


Quetta is situated in which mountain


The highlands of Koh-i-Takatu are home to a variety of wild animals, including wolves, foxes, bucks, jackals, rabbits, birds, and the well-known endangered Suleman markhor (mountain goats found in Balochistan)


Sleeping beauty of Quetta
Takatu Markhors


Koh-i- Mehr Dar


Sleeping beauty of Quetta


In the eastern Quetta District of western Pakistan, Koh-e-Mehr Dar is a peak that is part of the Sulaiman Mountains System. Commonly pronounced wrongly as Koh e Murdar. One of the “Salore Ghasha” summits at 3,184 meters (10,446 feet) high is where the Koh-e-Murdar mountain range’s highest peak is located. [2] It is the sixth-highest peak in all of Balochistan and the fourth-highest peak in Quetta District.


Sleeping Beauty of Quetta


quetta is situated in which mountain
Sleeping beauty of Quetta

The peak resembles a lady sleeping straight. This is also a tourist place and people of Quetta usually visit this peak.



quetta is situated in which mountain

In the Quetta District of Balochistan Province in western Pakistan, Koh-i-Chiltan is a peak that is part of the Chiltan mountain group of the Sulaiman Mountains.

The top of a steep, rocky mountain called Chiltan or Chehel-Tan (Persian/Balochi: “Forty Bodies”) is known as Koh-i-Chiltan. With a height of 3,194 meters (10,479 feet), Lwarrh Saar is the tallest peak in the Chiltan mountain range, the third highest peak in Quetta after Zarghoon Ghar and Koh-i-Takatu, and the fifth highest peak in Balochistan. In higher elevations, juniper trees are common.




quetta is situated in which mountain


In the Balochistan Province of western Pakistan, east of the Quetta District is where you’ll find the Zarghun Ghar or Zarghoon Mountains. The tallest peak in the Balochistan region is found there. A wide variety of plants and animals can be found throughout the range.


Jabl e Noor of Quetta

The Jabal-e-Noor-Ul-Quran Mountain. This mountain is a source of the utmost respect and pride in Quetta City and is situated at Brewery Road, close to Western Bypass on the outskirts of the city. Shaheed copies of the Holy Quran from all across the world, not just in Balochistan, and Pakistan, are kept on this mountain. The name of this mountain was inspired by the revered and significant Jabal-e-Noor peak in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, among Muslims around the world. At this location, copies that date back approximately 400 years have been kept.


quetta is situated in which mountain


quetta is situated in which mountain

Inside view of Jabl e Noor of Quetta


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Quetta is situated in Kirthar mountain


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