Chahat Fateh Ali Khan

Who is Chahat Fateh Ali Khan?

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, Although Chahat Fateh Ali Khan is a recent social media celebrity, people should not confuse him with the great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan or Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

The 56-year-old London-based self-described singer, songwriter, and composer goes by Kashif Rana and works as a minicab driver. He was born in Lahore in 1966. Although there is very little information about his family, available data suggests he is married. After his anthem for the eighth season of the Pakistan Super League (PSL8) went viral last month, Chahat became an instant hit on Pakistani social media.

Chahat had been posting videos on his social media sites and holding live Facebook sessions during the lockout. His popularity has led to invitations to wedding events. His songs “Mast Mast Sharabi,” “Tun Tuna Tun,” and “Pehli Wari Aj Ohno” are some of the most well-known.

Tun Tanaaa Tun Live Dance

I feel very honored, Chahat stated in a recent interview with a local TV station. I give Allah thanks for everything because three of my six songs that were released in the last six months were hits. He continued, “And particularly, Ye Jo Pyara PSL Hai, which to date has received millions of social media views.

Chahat also formerly played in a band in the little Punjabi city of Sheikhupura, which is an intriguing tidbit. The Government College and Punjab University were his first two places of study.

Chahat responded that he was motivated to pursue a career as a singer when questioned about his future ambitions. His alleged net worth is between Rs20 and Rs30 million, however, there is no confirmation of this.

He is not in any way linked to the Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan family, yet he nonetheless attracts a lot of attention because of his original name and his parodies of many songs.

Some of His Videos

Meray RAskhy Qamar By Chahat Fateh Ali Khan

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