How to prepare for the BPSC Assistant Commission Exam in a Short time.

How to prepare for the BPSC Assistant Commission Exam in Short time.

How to prepare for the BPSC Assistant Commission Exam in a Short time.

A few days back BPSC Quetta announced the date sheet for the exams of the Assistant Commission and section officer. According to the date sheet, the papers were going to commence on 26th December 2022.

After some days after the announcement of the date sheet, the Government of Balochistan instructed the chairman and the committee about the prevailing unstable circumstances in the province due to floods in Pakistan and other political factors. The current situation is not favorable for giving proper time to the studies. The aspirants of the flood-affected areas may not be able to prepare for the competitive exams. So after taking into account the depreciable circumstances the papers were postponed.

This is bad for those who were waiting for a long time and are fully prepared for the exams. But according to my experience, the ratio of such students in Balochistan is limited. Most of the aspirants are still struggling and preparing for their compulsory and optional subjects.

Many applicants have not started their preparation or are in their initial stages, this time margin is a blessing for them. it is also an endeavor for the prepared ones, they can revise or may acquire more knowledge about various subjects.

How to prepare for exams in a short time, is the biggest question. Although, it is not enough time as compared to the required for the preparation here we say, “Something is better than nothing.”

Following are a few simple tips for exam preparation for BPSC Assistant Commissioner Exams in a short period.

Set GoalsHow to prepare for the BPSC Assistant Commission Exam in Short time.

Goal setting is a very important factor. Set short-term goals and achieve them in short term. the time left behind is not enough to accomplish long goals. So for the preparation BPSC Assistant Commissioner Exams, you have to sort out and set up your goals and achieve them


Time Management

First of all, give yourself enough time to study. As the remaining time is the shortest one so change your priorities and change the timetable. You have to give yourself enough time to study. Time management is an important factor overall. A disciplined life is a key to success. you have to manage your time. You have to make calculated steps. Competitive exams need extraordinary efforts.

Smart Work

As it is said hard work is key to success. this is not a deniable fact but hard work also needs smart work. You have to do the hard work smartly. While preparing for the Assistant commission examination smart work is inevitable.  Not enough time is left for the exam, you have to make smart choices with logical decisions.

Use flow charts and diagrams. Try to make shorter sentences. Use simple vocabulary.

Stay Focused

Keep yourself focused. You have to grab your attention from all other things and focus on one object or goal. remind yourself again and again about the severity of the goal achievement.

keep your cell phone turned off or silent at least.

How to stay Focused while studying


The only thing which works as a ladder to success is your commitment. Commitment can be explained as you sticking to your primary objective while many other magnetic activities are pulling you away. Stay committed.


Organize yourself as well as your study space. Find a study table chair. How to prepare for the BPSC Assistant Commission Exam in a short time becomes easy when you organize yourself.


Practice makes a man perfect. Keep on continuous writing. Improve your reading and gripping things soon. Practice on old exams. Find the BPSC past papers and try to solve them in one take. Solve the papers as you are in the examination hall. Utilize Practice tests and mock exams.


Discuss your issues with the experts in subjects. Get guidelines about how to solve a paper. Explain your answers to others. Get corrections from the experts.

Group Study

Group study is very fruitful when you have limited time left. You will get shared ideas. Group study brings a boost to the process of preparation. You will grasp the concepts and theories easily, which is not possible in self-study in the initial stages of starting the preparation. Organize study groups with friends.

Regular breaks

Take regular breaks while studying. After every hour take a break of at least 10 minutes. But keep in mind this break should divert your attention to any other time-wasting activities.

Regular workouts and walk

A healthy body produces a healthy mind. Spare some 30 minutes on daily basis to have some workout and walk. Exercise is not only good for a healthy body it is also for a good healthy mind.

Proper Diet

Don’t eat too much, it makes you lazy and sleepy. Also, don’t eat less, it may create weakness. Take a proper and healthy diet. Snack up yourself after short breaks. Try eating fruits and dry fruits.

Your eating habits should not develop an eating disorder. Snack on brain food.

Sleeping Habit

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy, and wise. Make your sleeping routine. Try to sleep early at night and get up early in the morning. This will give you enough time to utilize your day.

Try to take short power naps in the daytime to buck up your mental strength.

Social Time

manage your social time. Give some to your family or friends. This will help you in refreshing your mind.


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