Asia Cup hybrid model
Asia Cup hybrid model

If Pakistan confirms World Cup participation BCCI ready for Asia Cup ‘hybrid model’

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is prepared to accede to the notion after the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) successfully convinced most Asian countries to adopt its Asia Cup hybrid model recommendation for holding the Asia Cup.

Before the impasse is eventually broken, the BCCI has placed a condition on its acceptance of the PCB’s preferred model: it has asked Pakistan for a written guarantee about its travel to India for the World Cup in October of this year.

The BCCI is reportedly planning to take a more conciliatory stance on the issue, but an official decision won’t be made until after its Special General Meeting (SGM) on May 27.

The Indian cricket board was adamant about getting the entire Asian tournament out of Pakistan and suggested that its games take somewhere neutral. However, the Indian board has modified its position in response to Pakistan’s threat to boycott the World Cup.

Meanwhile, India has bowed to the concept of an Asia Cup hybrid model after Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh accepted PCB’s proposal, albeit with conditions.

The board will probably adopt Pakistan’s proposal during their SGM meeting in Ahmedabad, India.

Najam Sethi, chairman of the PCB Management Committee, previously issued a warning that Pakistan would not play in the upcoming World Cup in India if Jay Shah, president of the Asian Cricket Council and secretary of the BCCI, did not agree to the country’s role as a partial host.

The issue is that India has declined to travel. The Asia Cup had to be given up. What are you asking of us? By that time, I will have submitted the same formula to the ICC. IN MY OPINION, the ICC doesn’t seem to be as staunchly opposed to the hybrid approach. They are awaiting the results of the Asia Cup, Sethi said, adding that while he was unable to elaborate further, the situation remained factual.

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