Asia Cup 2023 might not feature Pakistan, and Men in Green’s participation in the World Cup in India is also uncertain, according to a report.

Asia Cup 2023 Pakistan might not feature.

According to sources, the PCB could not gain support for its suggestion and is now forced to either accept the decision to play the tournament in Sri Lanka or forfeit its hosting rights.

According to recent rumors, the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) is preparing for an Asia Cup without Pakistan in 2023. Babar Azam and the company’s participation in the ODI World Cup scheduled to be contested in India would be in serious jeopardy if this media report is accurate and Pakistan does not take part in the continental championship. According to information, all ACC nations, with the exception of Pakistan, the competition’s official host, have consented to participate in the continental competition. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) insists on using the “Hybrid Model,” under which some games, including those involving India, would take place in a neutral location, such as the United Arab Emirates. At the same time, Pakistan would host the remainder of the matches.

The Asian Council members have allegedly been persuaded to play in Sri Lanka, according to an article in The Telegraph that was conveyed by Jay Shah, the BCCI Secretary who also serves as the ACC President. The BCCI reportedly rejected the hybrid approach of holding matches in Dubai, citing the region’s extreme heat at that time of year, according to the same report.

The Asian Cricket Council (ACC), according to sources who have spoken to The Telegraph, will deliver a strong message to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) at its upcoming executive board meeting. The message will state that Sri Lanka would serve as the host country for the event, which all other participating nations have unanimously agreed to. Despite being chosen to host this edition of the event, the PCB has been unable to secure backing for its proposal and is therefore forced to either accept Sri Lanka’s decision to host the tournament or withdraw from hosting it altogether.

The four teams that could compete in the Asia Cup 2023 are India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan in the event that the Pakistan Cricket Team decides not to attend. The PCB, however, might take drastic measures, such as boycotting the ODI World Cup in India, if India refuses to visit Pakistan and does not accept the hybrid format. Greg Barclay, the head of the International Cricket Council (ICC), and CEO Geoff Allardice were in Lahore to ask the PCB for assurances on their participation in the ODI World Cup. Later on, Thursday, when the PCB issues an official media statement, it is anticipated that what was addressed in this meeting will become public knowledge.

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