200 Prize Bond Draw

200 Prize Bond Draw on 15 September 2023: دو سو روپے والے پرائز بانڈ کی لسٹ: پرائز بانڈ لسٹ 200

200 prize bond list 2023, 95th Draw 200 Prize Bonds ( پرائز بانڈ لسٹ 200 2023 )

 First Prize of Rs. 750,000/- of 200 prize bond.

First Number 

  0 9 3 7 7 7



Second Prize of Rs. 250,000/-each

002536 348200 476510 521695 991054

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Prize bond result 200 Now you can access it online instead of buying a physical copy from the market or printing it from State Bank.

 A complete 200 prize bond list is given below.

200 prize bond result


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200 prize bond list 2023

Premium Prize Bonds

200 prize bond list 2022 online check


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The 95th draw of Rs.200 denomination National Prize Bonds took place on Friday, September 15, 2023, at 9:00 AM at State Bank of Pakistan, .

President of the draw

, presided over the draw event.

Single common draw:

The draw was held under the system of a single common draw applied to all the issued series. 

Total Series: 

165 (one hundred and sixty-five) series of Rs.200/- denomination National Prize Bonds currently in circulation, namely series “A” to “FW” sold up to 14-04-2023 were included in this draw.

 Total No. of Prizes

There are 2400 prizes in one series. It means that there are 2400 prizes in each 156 series.

Following is the detail of prizes drawn on Rs.200/- denomination National Prize Bonds: –


165 Prizes of Rs.750,000/- each 01 Prize in each series
825 Prizes of Rs.250,000/- each 05 Prizes in each series
395,010 Prizes of Rs.1,250/- each 2394 Prizes in each series
396,000 Total Prizes 2400 Prizes in each series

The following 2400 common numbers were drawn from amongst numbers from 000001 to 999999.

Prize bond check Online


Prize bond list 200 2023 availability. Yes, the list will be available online and can be accessed from all over Pakistan including Lahore. If you want to download the complete draw result of the Rs. 200 denomination in PDF format please click the link below.

Who is the owner of National as well as Premium Prize bonds in Pakistan?

National Savings Pakistan is the owner of National and Premium Prize bonds in Pakistan. Although, their scheme is carried out by the State Bank of Pakistan, Banking Services Corporation, in all its 16 field offices throughout Pakistan. 200 prize bond list 2023 is also available on the National Savings official website.

How to buy Premium Prize bonds in Pakistan?

In case you want to purchase Premium Prize Bonds in Pakistan, visit any of the State Bank, Banking services corporations (Bank). There are some scheduled banks listed and authorized for the sale of the prize bonds but they add certain charges for processing the prize money claim and buying all kinds of prize bonds in Pakistan.

  • You must bring your Original National Identity Card
  • A photocopy of your NIC
  • A photocopy of the NIC of the next of kin
  • The contact number of the next of kin.
  • You must have bank account details including IBAN.
  • (International Bank Account Number). 24 digits starting from PK.


 How to buy National Prize bonds in Pakistan?

If you want to buy National Prize Bonds in Pakistan, you can visit any of the scheduled banks authorized for their sale or the State Bank, Banking Services Corporations.

  • To finalize your registration, please remember to bring the original and a photocopy of your National Identity Card.
  • You need to provide your bank account details, including the 24-digit IBAN number that starts with PK.

PK00 HABB 0000 0000 0000 0000

How to claim prize money?

If you win a prize on any denomination of the National Prize Bond, follow these guidelines to claim your money.


  • You can visit any of the SBP BSC offices.
  • Kindly remember to bring your original National Identity Card (NIC) and a photocopy of it for verification purposes.
  • To complete the transaction, please remember to bring your bank account information, including your International Bank Account Number (IBAN).
  • To complete the form, please download it by clicking on the provided link: “Click Here to Download.” Afterwards, kindly fill in your necessary details.
  • Once you have filled out the form, be sure to submit it to the correct department. Before submitting, please double-check for any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors.
  • Your prize money will be credited to your bank account on the day of receipt.
  • If you win, the first or second prize money will be sent after 10 to 15 working days.

The Filer vs. Nonfiler

The government of Pakistan deducts a fixed tax from the prize money at the source which is then transferred to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) upon claiming.

It is recommended to file taxes in order to receive a better tax rate. Please let me know if you require any additional assistance.

How to Become Filer in Pakistan?


How much tax is on Rs. 200 prize bonds in Pakistan?

200 prize bond 3rd prize amount after tax

15% tax is deducted from the filer and 30% from the non-filer. There are multiple other benefits of filing a return in Pakistan.

200 prize bond prize amount after tax

Prize Money (PKR) Filer (15% Tax) Nonfiler (30% Tax)
1st Prize 750,000 637,500 525,000
2nd Prize 250,000 212,500 175,000
3rd Prize 1250 1062 875

1st prize 750,000

The prize money you receive after taxes have been deducted.

Filer (15%): 750,000 * .85 = 637,500/-

Non-filer (30%): 750,000 * .70 = 525,000/-

2nd prize 250,000

The prize money you receive after taxes have been deducted.

Filer (15%): 250,000 * .85 = 212,500/-

Non-filer (30%): 200,000 * .70 = 175,000/-

3rd prize Rs. 1250/-

The prize money you receive after taxes have been deducted.

Filer (15%): 1250 * .85 =1062/-

Non-filer (30%): 1250 * .70 = 875/-

Note: The face value of the prize bond of Rs. 200 is also added with the amount of prize money either first prize, second prize, or third prize, and in both cases, if you are a filer or non-filer.


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Next Draw

The very next draw in the year 2023, is of the National Prize Bond of Rs. 750 denominations in October 2023.

The next draw in the year 2023 of the Premium Prize Bond of Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 25,000 denominations is in December 2023.

Prize bond schedule 2023

The next 200 prize bond draw is in December 2023.

  Hamariweb is also a good source for prize bond results. Check your prize bond result online on the official application of National Savings.



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