Rs. 1500 Prize Bond Draw Results – February 15, 2024

Rs. 1500 Prize Bond Draw Results: February 15, 2024

The anticipation and excitement surrounding the Rs. 1500 prize bond draw reached its pinnacle on February 15, 2024. Hosted by the State Bank of Pakistan, this event marked the 97th draw of the Rs. 1500 denomination of National Prize Bonds. Let’s delve into the details of the draw results and understand the intricacies of prize bonds in Pakistan.

Draw Details

The draw was conducted at 9:00 a.m. at the State Bank of Pakistan, Lahore, Mr. Anwar Ahmed was the president of the draw. The process was executed under a single common draw applied to all 132 series of Rs. 1500/- denomination National Prize Bonds currently in circulation, from series “A” to “EQ,” sold up to December 14, 2023.


Prizes Breakdown

The draw unveiled a total of 1700 prizes in one series, amounting to 229,500 prizes across all 135 series. The prizes were distributed as follows:

  • 135 Prizes of Rs. 3,000,000 each (1 Prize in each series)
  • 405 Prizes of Rs. 1,000,000 each (Three Prizes in each series)
  • 228,960 Prizes of Rs. 18,500 each (1696 Prizes in each series)

This number of prizes totaled 229,500, ensuring excitement and opportunities for numerous bondholders.

First Number of First Prize of Rs. 3,000,000/- (1st prize of 1500 prize bond)

1 3 3 1 3 5

Second Prize of Rs. 1000,000/-each

4 7 3 5 1 1

4 8 3 4 1 4

8 7 8 8 3 4

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A complete prize bond list of 1500 is given below.

The following 1700 common numbers were drawn from among the numbers from 000001 to 999999.

Draw List 1500 on November 15, 2023 Click here

Prize Bond Purchase and Ownership

National Savings Pakistan is the owner of National Prize bonds in Pakistan, with the scheme executed by the State Bank of Pakistan, Banking Services Corporation. To buy National Prize bonds, visit authorized State Bank branches, bringing your original National Identity Card, a copy of your NIC, and bank account details, including IBAN.

Claiming prize money:

Winners can claim their prize money by visiting SBP BSC offices, bringing their original NIC and copy, along with bank account details including IBAN. A form must be filled out and submitted to the concerned department for prompt processing.

Tax Implications

Tax rates on prize money differ for filers and non-filers. Filing a return in Pakistan holds several benefits. The tax deducted at the source is 15% for filers and 30% for non-filers. Detailed tax calculations for prize amounts were provided, highlighting the differences between filers and non-filers.

Upcoming Draws

The blog also provides insights into the next draws scheduled for 2024, including the National Prize Bond of Rs. 200 denominations in March 2024 and the Premium Prize Bond draws of Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 25,000 denominations.

The Rs. 1500 prize bond draw results not only brought joy to the winners but also shed light on the intricacies of prize bonds in Pakistan. Whether you are a participant, a potential bond purchaser, or someone curious about the financial landscape, understanding the dynamics of prize bonds adds an exciting dimension to your financial knowledge. Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming draws and enrich your understanding of the world of prize bonds.

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