can cancer cause diabetes

According to a new study, cancer raises the risk of developing diabetes.

Can cancer cause diabetes?

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According to a new study, cancer raises the risk of developing diabetes.

In Denmark with a population of 6 million people, the top cause of death is cancer. More than 45,000 cancer cases were diagnosed in 2019 alone. Fortunately, the most recent statistics demonstrate a considerable improvement in cancer survival in Denmark. Nevertheless, problems and long-term effects have a negative impact on many survivors’ quality of life.

Certain kinds of cancer are linked to a higher risk of diabetes.

A new study by researchers from Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, Rigshospitalet, and the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Nutrition, Exercise, and Sports revealed that a cancer diagnosis was linked to an increased chance of getting diabetes. The CopLab Database, which is maintained by the Center for General Practice at the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Public Health, provided the study’s original epidemiological data.

Certain types of cancer were shown to be more likely to raise this risk than others. “Our study demonstrates that there is an elevated risk of developing diabetes,” says Associate Professor Lykke Sylow of the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Nutrition, Exercise, and Sports, who co-authored the study with Professor Christoffer Johansen of Rigshospitalet’s National Centre for Cancer Survivorship and General Late Effects (CASTLE) and Professor Christen Lykkegaard Andersen of the CopLab Database at the Center for General Practice.

The researchers looked at a large data set that included 112 million blood samples from 1.3 million Danes, with over 50,000 of them developing cancer. While the study does not provide conclusive answers as to why particular types of cancer are linked to a higher risk of diabetes, the researchers do offer suggestions on which future research can be based.

Numerous cancer treatments could increase the risk. The potential for cancer to spread throughout the body exists. We know that cancer cells can produce chemicals that damage organs and may contribute to an increase in diabetes incidence. “Animal studies have suggested this,” Lykke Sylow explains.

Without diabetes, you have a better chance of surviving.

The study also shows that persons who are diagnosed with cancer and then develop diabetes do not live as long as those who do not get diabetes while undergoing cancer treatment.

We found that cancer patients without diabetes lived longer than cancer patients with diabetes across all cancer locations,” says Professor Christoffer Johansen of Rigshospitalet.

Overall, people who develop diabetes after being diagnosed with cancer had a 21% higher mortality rate, according to the study. It’s worth mentioning that the study looked at all types of cancer and didn’t look at how diabetes affected survivability with respect to specific cancer types.

Initiatives for prevention and screening

Cancer patients are currently being screened for diabetes, although this has yet to be implemented into the healthcare system. It would be a good idea in the future if it could be demonstrated that screening cancer patients for diabetes lead to an improved quality of life and increased survival.

Our findings imply that diabetes screenings should be considered in relation to cancers where we discovered an increased risk of the condition. What are lung cancer, breast cancer, brain cancer, uterine cancer, and urinary tract cancer patients? Professor Christoffer Johansen says, “We have tremendous chances to treat diabetes, and early intervention could have an influence on specific cancer patients.”

It could be intriguing to study if screening improves cancer patients – both in terms of their odds of survival as well as their quality of life,” says Associate Professor Lykke Sylow. It may also be able to propose other types of exercise for patients with cancer as a preventive measure, such as those that have been shown to effectively prevent and treat diabetes. But she said that her suggestions should be evaluated over time and put to the test.

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What type of cancer causes high blood sugar?

The type of cancer is still not identified but the cancer treatment may elevate the risk of high blood sugar or diabetes.

can cancer cause diabetes?

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