Exports of Pakistan

Exports of Pakistan
Exports of Pakistan

What is meant by export?

It means to send (goods or services) to another country for sale.

Pakistan exports a wide range of products to various countries around the world. The country has a diverse economy and is a major exporter of textiles, leather products, sports goods, chemicals, and agricultural products, among other things. Some of the top exports of Pakistan include:

  1. Textiles: This is the largest export sector of Pakistan, accounting for a significant portion of the country’s total exports. Pakistan is known for producing high-quality cotton, and its textile industry includes a range of products such as cotton yarn, fabric, and clothing.
  2. Leather goods: Pakistan has a thriving leather industry that produces a range of products including leather jackets, bags, shoes, and belts.
  3. Rice: Rice is a major agricultural export of Pakistan, with the country being one of the largest exporters of basmati rice in the world.
  4. Sports goods: Pakistan is known for its high-quality sports goods, particularly for the production of soccer balls, cricket bats, and other sports equipment.
  5. Chemicals: Pakistan exports a range of chemicals, including dyes, pharmaceuticals, and fertilizers.
  6. Cement: Pakistan is also a major exporter of cement and clinker, which is used in the construction industry.
  7. Fruits and vegetables: Pakistan produces a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including mangoes, oranges, apples, and potatoes, which are exported to various countries around the world.
  8. Furniture: One of the few countries in the world to produce fine furniture, Pakistan exports $8 to $12 million worth of it every year to the US, the UK, Germany, Spain, and Italy.

Other major exports of Pakistan include seafood, petroleum products, and carpets. The country exports its products to a wide range of countries, including the United States, China, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

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