Desert of Balochistan
Desert of Balochistan

Desert of Balochistan

There is one desert in Balochistan which is named as “Kharan Desert”.

The Balochistan province in southwest Pakistan is home to the sand and hilly Kharan Desert. The desert is one of Pakistan’s largest, with a total area of around 36,000 square kilometers. High temperatures and scant precipitation are characteristics of the desert’s arid environment, which is also recognized for being harsh. The famous Kharan camel, a native of the area, is one of many plants, trees, and animals that have adapted to the desert environment that can be found there.

On May 30, 1998, Pakistan conducted its second nuclear test, known as Chagai-II, in this desert. Due to inadequate irrigation, the area cannot be used for agriculture. The primary occupation is farming and agriculture. Mostly dry, long lengths of grey-brown sand make up the landscape.

Kharan desert is also known as the Paradise of Balochistan”

This area was traversed by Alexander the Great. In an effort to contrast himself with Cyrus the Great, who had previously traversed the desert, he had entered the Indus Valley from the famed Khyber Pass and, after defeating Porus in the fourth century BC, made his way back to Babylonia by passing through the Kharan desert (known at the time as Gedrosia).

The desert’s landscape consists primarily of flat sand dunes and rocky outcrops. High temperatures and little to no precipitation characterize the desert climate. Dasht River and Chagai Hills are the northern and western boundaries of the desert, respectively. The Balochistan Plateau is bordered by the desert to the south and east.

This desert was the site of Pakistan’s second nuclear test, Chagai-II, which was carried out on 30 May 1998.
It is basically covered with sand dunes, scrub vegetation, and weathered rocks. Rainfall is very scarce in the desert leaving it with dry lakes.

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