UN to Raise $160 Million for Flood Victims in Pakistan

The UN will shortly launch a Flash Appeal to assist Pakistan in repairing the damage brought on by continuous monsoon rains and floods.

According to reports, the $160 million appeal will go toward aiding the almost one million victims of the seasonal calamity.

Asim Iftikhar, the Foreign Office’s (FO) spokesperson, declared on Friday that the UN Flash Appeal will be launched on Tuesday, August 30, simultaneously from Geneva and Islamabad.

“As you can see, the scale of the calamity necessitates urgent international cooperation and support. We are appreciative of the UN, IFIs, and a large number of our allies and partners for their support, he added.

We have worked with the UN system from the outset, Iftikhar continued. Since several days ago, the UN Resident Coordinator and his team have been working on this issue, visiting the flood-affected areas, conducting assessments, and collaborating with the NDMA to create this joint assessment, the document that will be presented and used as the foundation for the flash appeal.

The UN Flash Appeal is “extremely significant,” he added, and is anticipated to “trigger the response of the world community as well as bilateral help from other nations.”

The FO Spokesperson stated, “I think everyone recognizes UN’s agencies and their operations.” When asked how the government would prevent bogus organizations from raising money on behalf of the UN. All I can say is that we should continue to be on the lookout for the organizations you mention.

The government has been mobilizing efforts for the cause since late July and early August, he said in response to a question on whether the government would host an international donor conference, but Pakistan “obviously requires international assistance to complement the national effort.”

Iftikhar further disclosed that, in addition to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, numerous UN agencies and officials of resident diplomatic missions attended a donor’s meeting yesterday at the Economic Affairs Division (EAD).

An internationally recognized procedure called a UN Flash Appeal is used to hasten the collecting of donations for NGOs and UN agencies in support of a government’s emergency activities. Its three-month lifespan is used to entice international contributors from the public and commercial sectors to contribute money to the cause in accordance with the government’s well-defined aims.

What is a flash appeal?

A United Nations Flash Appeal is a well-known mechanism for swiftly raising money for UN agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to help a government’s emergency response.

The procedure is carried out under the direction of the Resident Coordinator/Humanitarian Coordinator and in accordance with explicit government priorities.

It is employed to persuade both public and private international donors to make financial contributions.

The Flash Appeal details initiatives put forth by UN agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to accomplish the government’s listed strategic priorities and supplement its response.

It also includes project specifics and the overall amount of money needed for the suggested tasks.

The UN will launch a $160 million appeal for Pakistan, but the three-month Flash Appeal is still in effect.


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