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 Why Quetta city is famous?

Why Quetta city is famous

Quetta city is famous for many reasons such as : The city’s name is derived from the four imposing hills that surround it and form a natural bulwark (Chiltan, Takatu, Zarghoon, and Meh Daar). Quetta is Known as the Fruit Garden of Pakistan. The Archaeological Museum in Quetta houses a collection of rare antique firearms, swords, coins, and manuscripts. The Geological …

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Quetta is situated in which mountain?

Quetta is the capital city of Balochistan. The area of Quetta city is 2,653 km2, and it is fortified by four mountains that act as a natural fort. Quetta is one of the most beautiful cities in Pakistan surrounded by greyish-colored mountains. The city is located between the sub-mountain ranges of  Takatu and Koh e Mehr Dar.  Besides these two …

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