Prize bond Online check

Prize Bond Online check is a kind of app by National Savings Pakistan and the State Bank of Pakistan. It is an authentic app and was approved and launched by the Government of Pakistan.

Prize Bond Online check

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Prize bond Online check stats by entering your bond number separated with commas. After inputting all the bond numbers and selecting the required draw, click check. You can also check random numbers and series through this app.

The Prize bond scheme is the property of National Savings Pakistan but all its operations are managed and executed by Stat Bank Banking Services Corporation Pakistan. Prize bond is considered one of the safest investment in Pakistan, as it is owned and managed by government organizations.

The State Bank of Pakistan is considered one of the most credible organizations and institutions. so the people are not reluctant to save and invest their money in prize bonds. Prizes are drawn with a manual drawing process. Manual circulation machines are used for the prize bond draw.

Draws are held on a quarterly basis after every three-month interval. Each year for every denomination there are four draws annually. A single common draw is conducted for the series of each denomination of the prize bond. There are 6 denominations of prize bonds that are in circulation and issued to the general public.

Four denominations are of National prize bonds which are 100, 200, 750, and 1500. In the near past, the big denominations of National prize bonds were demonetized and removed from circulations. Rs. 40000, Rs. 25000, Rs. 15000, and Rs. 7500 of National Prize Bonds were called back by the State Bank of Pakistan.

Nowadays Rs. 40,000/- and Rs. 25000 denominations of Premium Prize Bonds are in circulation and continuously issued to the public. Premium Prize bonds also bring some profit on investment along with the prize amount.

Premium Prize Bond is a different product from the National Prize Bond. New features were introduced by these premium bonds.

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