Floods in Pakistan 2022

floods in Balochistan 2022

Pakistan is in a bad flooding situation.




  Floods in Pakistan 2022


How to control floods in Pakistan:

Following are a few methods to prevent floods in Pakistan.

Storm drains should be cleaned on time

Inadequately constructed drains may flood during occasions of heavy rainfall. These might eventually accumulate debris, which would make it difficult for the water to drain correctly.

By keeping storm drains clear, excess water can be more easily disposed of, reducing the chance that it will collect on land.

Tank Storage Property Arrangement

Adequate bye-laws should be put in place to stop government structures and corporate chains from directing more water toward highways.

An easy way to deal with surplus water is to install water storage tanks (rain harvesting systems). All cities may simply install these storage tanks, but Lahore and Karachi particularly need them.

This will help with groundwater management and the prevention of urban flooding.


The government must take action to plant trees since it will not only benefit the environment but also help to avert flooding. Mangroves and eucalyptus trees are particularly good at reducing flood risk.

Eucalyptus trees have a rapid rate of growth and serve as insecticides. Because of how deeply rooted they are, they are also referred to as “nature’s thirsty tree.” This aids in water absorption in a manner similar to mangroves.

These trees can assist lower tidal wave pressure, and prevent floods and tsunamis, by being planted close to rivers, canals, and dams.

Construction of Dams

Given that they are the largest infrastructure for storing water for later use, dams are the best way to prevent flooding in any location. Every year during the monsoon season, Pakistan experiences floods as a result of the insufficient number of dams in the country.

Keeping Dewatering Pumps and Similar Equipment in Stock

Dewatering pumps and other tools should be easily accessible so that authorities can use them in places right away after heavy rains to drain water from roads, houses, etc.

Pakistan Flood Prevention Measures

The Pakistani government has developed a strategy to control the nation’s seasonal flooding through integrated flood management techniques.

In order to prevent floods in Pakistan, these contain both structural and non-structural flood safety measures, taking into account the shortcomings that were discovered in earlier flood protection schemes. These recommendations are included in the National Flood Protection Plan-IV, which runs from 2015 to 2025.

Collaboration between various stakeholders, including local communities, flood victims, funding organizations, NGOs, and pertinent government ministries at all levels, is a requirement for effective flood management plans (national, provincial, and local).

The National Flood Protection Plan-thorough IV’s summary of flood management measures is provided below.

Impacts of floods in Pakistan:




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