Cinta Hilang Kata Episod 9

Cinta Hilang Kata Episod 9

Cinta Hilang Kata Live Episod 9 Drama Melayu Online Download,Layanjer & Dfm2u Live Cinta Hilang Kata Episod 9 Malay Drama Streaming Tv3, Kepala BergetarCinta Hilang Kata Episod 9 Tonton Online,

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Country & Universal Sdn Bhd is the publisher of the 2022 drama Cinta Hilang Kata, authored by Kyoll Hamzah. The cast includes a large number of actors, such as Sophia Albarakbah, Shah Jaszle, Hariz Hamdan, and Nelissa Nizam. This show will replace Dendam Eorang Isteri, which ended on July 15, 2022, when it debuts on Astro Prima (Tiara Slot) on July 18, 2022.

Despite having a covert crush on Rain Akhtar, Nurul Masmin was pressured to marry Amirul in order to please her mother. Rain, who also adores Nurul, is unreasonable and furious. Amirul is very adept at influencing Nurul’s mother to fulfil Jah Gayah’s wish.

Since her father doesn’t return his affection, Jah Gayah has a terrible hatred for Nurul. Nurul is merely a tool for him to continue living a lavish lifestyle. Because everything was done to protect her late mother’s heart, Nurul was never content during their marriage.

Nurul was ready to file for divorce from her husband after her mother passed away, which infuriated Jah Gajah. Being exposed to magic caused Nurul to suffer. Ezra, Wanie, and Deens are fortunately Nurul’s understanding friends.

The rain was committed to gaining Nurul’s affection. Nurul frequently strives to avoid being branded a usurper and experiencing the trauma of the events.



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