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Dry Fruits of Balochistan

Dry Fruits of Balochistan The Dry fruits of Balochistan¬† demand increases with the arrival of winter. Dry fruits are the survial capsules in the cold areas. The demand not only comes from Balochistan but whole the country is fond of these nuts. Balochistan is producing 90 percent of all grapes, cherries and almonds, 60 per cent of peaches, pomegranates, apricots …

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Dry Fruit Market in Quetta

Dry fruit Market in Quetta

The dry fruit market in Quetta is one of the largest markets in Pakistan. All types of dry fruits either imported or locally produced are available in this market.¬†Dry Fruit in Quetta are fresh, tasty, and of the highest quality, and are available for delivery throughout Pakistan in cash on delivery. Quetta Wholesale Dry Fruit Market Quetta Dry Fruit Shops …

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