Floods in Pakistan 2022

Floods in Pakistan 2022

floods in Balochistan 2022 Pakistan is in a bad flooding situation.           How to control floods in Pakistan: Following are a few methods to prevent floods in Pakistan. Storm drains should be cleaned on time Inadequately constructed drains may flood during occasions of heavy rainfall. These might eventually accumulate debris, which … Read more

Work on a massive enlargement of Madinah’s iconic Masjid Quba has begun.

Masjid Quba

Major redevelopment work at Madinah’s historic Masjid Quba has begun in order to enlarge the holy site. Who built Masjid Quba ? The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) built the Masjid Quba over 1,440 years ago. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman stated in April, during Ramadan, that the … Read more

Dove Cameron Boyce death | Stars Pay Birthday Tribute to Late Cameron Boyce

Cameron Boyce

Celebrities are wishing late Disney Channel star Cameron Boyce a happy birthday almost three years after his terrible demise. Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, and other celebs who have worked with the General Hospital alum on numerous projects went to social media on May 28 to commemorate him in the only way they know how: by … Read more